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Do You Have Photos of Mystic 1960’s – ...

Do You Have Photos of Mystic 1960’s – Now??

Hello Mystic!

Do you or someone you know have photographs set in a Mystic location circa 1960-present day? Are the photos worthy of being published in an image-driven book all about modern day Mystic?!

Submit to us for a chance to see your pic in print!

We are seeking original photos taken in Mystic from 1960 – now to be submitted for our upcoming book. We’re looking for anything of significance to the area, including images of attractions, landmarks, special family moments, businesses, and associations. This book would not be possible without help from the community, so we’d appreciate any and all photos!

The person with the most chosen images will receive a copy of the book upon release!

If you’re interested please read the specifications below:

What Images Do We Need?

We are looking for images taken in 06355 with significance to Mystic. We’d love photos involving attractions, landmarks, events, people, businesses, restaurants, hotels/inns, buildings, or local associations!

Images we’re still looking to check off our list (but certainly not limited to!):

  • main street fire of 1960
  • blizzard of 1978
  • filming of the movie, Mystic Pizza
  • someone enjoying a summer snack, like an ice cream cone downtown or fried seafood at a clam shack

Any information you can provide about the image would be appreciated i.e. what is the image of, when was the photo taken, and who took the photograph.

How Can You Submit Your Image?

A scanned version of your image would be great if you could provide one. Don’t hesitate to ask us for help scanning. Here are the requirements for a scan:

  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Output Size: 8 inches wide (the original photograph does not have to be this large, but the scanned document produced should be)
  • File Type: tiff format
  • Color mode RGB or CMYK
  • Note the make and model of your scanner if known

We understand a scan might not be possible for some, so we’d be glad to assist.

Questions and Submissions

Please contact kent@thisismystic.com or call 860.415.6115 with any questions or to submit scanned images.

Thanks so much for your consideration in helping with this project!

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