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Find Your Center on a SUP

Shelby Farrell

Seeking a fun workout routine while on vacation, looking for a way to elevate your ordinary workout, or in need of some fitness inspiration? Get down to the Mystic River and sign yourself up for one of Adventure Mystic’s SUP Yoga or SUP Fit classes! These programs are designed to challenge you, while still making it accessible for all fitness levels.

As an avid strength and endurance athlete, I know my weakness tends to be around slowing down and finding my center. While holding yoga poses or transitioning through the higher-intensity movements of SUP Fit on a paddle board you really have no choice but to dig into your inner dialogue and engage all that your center has to offer! By the end of the class you will surely feel your core.

The best part of the experience is being outside with nature, versus the suffocating feeling of gym walls. Imagine your body weight being supported by a floating board, with the subtle rocking of the current underneath your feet, the sun kissing your skin, and an occasional splash from the river while paddling to adjust your positioning. If the first yogis had paddle boards, the yoga mat would have never been invented! The Mystic River creates a perfectly stimulating environment for your mind and body.

The finely articulated direction provided by the instructors, helps you, the student, build the confidence you need to dive further into your poses and feel the sweet satisfaction of muscle fatigue. Not to mention, what is the worst that can happen? A little unexpected and cooling dip is good for the soul! The instructors are highly knowledgeable in their sport and recognize how unnerving it can be to move freely on a SUP. Let any fears go and enjoy the playfulness of paddle boarding.

The benefits to working out on a paddle board is that it combines the main pillars of fitness: endurance, flexibility, strength, balance, and stability. These types of workouts are best known for improving blood flow and assisting in injury prevention. Working out on a paddle board is a low-impact way to burn the calories you enjoyed from yesterday’s treat at Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream! The combination of multiple positions held at varying durations, tunes your body to a place where you can find your natural and physical center.

Adventure Mystic’s SUP Fit and SUP Yoga classes provide a unique space for your mind to focus. The renowned landscape aids in allowing the head to let go and slip into each individual moment of the workout. It is truly an experience like no other. Bring your own board or rent one of Adventure Mystic’s super stable SUPs.

Clear your schedule because a fun and solid workout is in your future!

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Photo credit: Jason Gerhart @fresh_world_press

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