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Atlantic Coast Sea Kayak Expedition Stops in Mysti...

Atlantic Coast Sea Kayak Expedition Stops in Mystic

May 7, 2018

Joseph Mullin is on an epic journey to raise awareness and funds to assist Mission 22, an organization with a dedication to “raise awareness, enlist support, and end veteran suicide in America”.

He’s traveling from Maine to Texas…IN A KAYAK.

Joseph made a stop in Mystic on Saturday, paddling up the Mystic River, and landing at Schooner Wharf, where his team had set up at Adventure Mystic‘s boat launch. His trip started in Quoddy Head Light, Maine on April 30, 2017 and the goal is to be in Houston, Texas in about another year and a half. It’s an incredibly ambitious endeavor for an important cause. Go Joe!

Joe and his team in Mystic

donate to Mission 22

help fund Joe’s trip (Joe is paying for the trip out of his retirement fund)


  1. Elizabeth

    11 June

    This looks terrific. Wish I had known in advance as I would love to have met this fine man.

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