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Little Mermaid Makes a Big Splash at Mystic Dark R...

Little Mermaid Makes a Big Splash at Mystic Dark Room

Intimate, clever, enchanting, playful, and fun for all ages! The Mystic Ballet’s production of The Little Mermaid will have you dancing in your seat, tempted to sing along to nostalgic Disney songs.

When arriving at Mystic Dark Room, guests are greeted by bronze statues situated throughout the hillside property. Upon entering the venue an attendant escorts guests up a winding staircase to their seats at leather clad sofas lining the back wall of the show room. There’s not a bad seat in the house…in fact all seats are front row and provide a unique perspective of the show.

mystic dark room statue and venue

The professionally trained and international cast are all dancers of the Mystic Ballet Company. They utilize the entire room as their stage using artistic movement as “props”. The musical score from the Broadway production, costumes, makeup and artistic lighting set the scene and draw you in.  An over-sized metal gate-like structure is the backdrop of the set and is creatively used as Prince Eric’s ship, Ursula’s lair, and King Triton’s undersea kingdom.

Mystic Dark Room at night

The Mystic Dark Room provides a hip metro-like atmosphere, giving the feeling that you’ve transported from our seaside village to a Manhattan lounge. Seeing a show there is highly recommended! Little Mermaid – Dance Me a Story wraps up with three remaining shows, March 24th 4pm and March 25th 1pm and 4pm. The Nutcracker Spectacular will return in December and GRAB is an experience for adults in October.

cast of little mermaid Mystic

 Little Mermaid: Dance Me a Story Cast (in order of appearance):

 Prince Eric- Aleksander Subotic, Phoenix, Arizona
Scuttle- Sebastian Brown, Santiago, Chile.
Sailors- Gennaro Della Ragione, Ava Brunnock, Angelina Cohen, Mary Clarke, Starling Montieth, Emma Montieth
Ariel- Fuu Otsuka, Tochigi, Japan
Ariel’s sisters- Hazuki Ishimori, Tokyo, Japan /Mathilde Nirascou, France /Martina Vergili, Florence, Italy
Sebastian- Kayleigh Bestington, North Yorkshire, England
Ursula- Shannon May, St. John, BC, Canada
Wicked Eels- Rachel Humphreys, Peterborough, England /Delphine Patane, Geneva, Switzerland
King Triton- Gennaro Della Ragione, Naples, Italy
Pearls- Hanna Hong, Emily Rundlett, Noelle Shilale
Chef Louis Gennaro Della Ragione, Naples, Italy
Kitchen Staff- Angelina Cohen, Lauren Eppler, Ona Grabel
Conceived, staged, and choreographed by Goran Subotic & Aleksander Subotic
Light Design by Goran Subotic and Aleksander Subotic
Costume Design by Desiree Subotic, Costumer Angela Haque
Music from the Broadway musical score

Mystic Dark Room Info


325 Mistuxet Ave. Stonington, CT 06378

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