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Sneak Peek of Coogan Farm

Wood Gate and Brick Wall at Coogan

January 30, 2014 I’ve been seeing glimpses of Coogan Farm online recently, but couldn’t find a clear answer to my question – “Is it open to the public? Can check it out?” All it took was a quick call to Maggie at DPNC, who was very informative and enthusiastic about the project, to find that, yes, although the property is still in the planning stage (there aren’t even marked trails or maps yet) anyone is free to check the place out. Perfect.


So I took a walk through Coogan Farm this afternoon (it was sunny and super warm at 27 degrees!)…wanted to see what the place was all about.

This property will remind you a bit of Haley Farm if you’ve ever been there: wide trails, moderate hiking, water views, and most interesting to me, the remains of the distant past – old stone walls, wood gates, barbed wire fences, and foundations. I couldn’t take my eyes off the overgrown mansion remains where basement walls still stand and windows are cut out of the structure.

Mansion Foundation at Coogan Farm

There is a strong presence of birds here which I really like and was careful not to disturb.

Coogan Farm is an awesome place to walk around and explore. I look forward to visiting the place when it’s developed – plans are to name a few: develop a more expansive trail system, a community giving garden, education and demonstration gazebo, and renovations of the Farm House and Barn. As it sits, Coogan Farm is an excellent piece of property that residents of the area can explore. In the near future it should be a wonderful family-oriented place for the community to preserve, learn from, and thoroughly enjoy.

To get there I used the main entrance on Rt. 27 between the two soon to be renovated Farm House and Barn next to Precious Memories Preschool.

Barn at Main Entrance to Coogan Farm

There’s additional access on Pleasant Street and Maritime Drive.

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