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Karma Kitchen Mystic

Karma Kitchen Mystic

Karma Cleanse cold-pressed juices: Liquid love + FOOD = Karma Kitchen.

Karma Kitchen’s cold press is the real deal. It can produce up to 25 gallons of juice per hour so that high demand is easily fulfilled. There probably isn’t another machine like it in all of New London County! More than 4 tons of slow pressure is applied to the press bag which means you get the freshest, highest quality, unpasteurized juice with the least amount of oxidation.

Karma Kitchen is more than a traditional smoothie bar or juice cleanse stop. Their desire is to serve a variety of innovative, plant-based snacks and ready-to-go meals that are satisfying, flavorful, sustainable, unique.

Karma Kitchen will be a gathering place where patrons can talk about their health challenges and provide input regardless of dietary ideology. Karma Kitchen will bring the universal theme full circle, and that is to: EAT MORE PLANT-BASED FOOD. The rest is left to individual discretion.

Their aim to be zero-waste with produce. If not composted, juice pulp will either be re-used in veggie crackers or fed to the Human Certified livestock at Firefly Farms in North Stonington.

Owner: Liz Alina – read her backstory and road to Karma Kitchen Mystic

Karma Kitchen Menu

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Karma Kitchen Mystic Info

15 Holmes Street, Mystic, CT

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  1. Hi Liz,
    My daughter and I were in your shop on Sunday November 20th. I told you I wasn’t feeling well and you made me a wonderful warm drink with ingredients that would benefit me, it was delicious. I’m wondering since I don’t live in the area if you could recommend a book to me on juicing that would help me learn to juice. What kind of blender/ juicer I should purchase.i
    I really trust your opinion and any advice you can give me to help me along this endeavor. I greatly appreciate your time and again thank you so much.
    Have a wonderful day. Namaste

    1. Sounds like a nice experience at the Karma Kitchen! I have forwarded your message to Liz.

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