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Catch This!

Catch This!


Catch This! Olde Mistick Village’s newest restaurant Now Open 7 days from 11:30 AM – 6:00 PM!

Soup, Burgers, Tacos, Seafood and Ice cream. Sit indoors or outside on the large patio! Catch This is a totally kid friendly restaurant. Newly renovated, formerly Ten Clams Restaurant. Order at the counter and grab a table!

27 Coogan Boulevard, Mystic, CT

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  1. Was okay to go there BUT NOW EVERYTHING is Expensive singlely
    I ORDERED POPCORN SHRIMP AND THOUGHT it came with fries but
    It didn’t
    So not good plave

  2. Overpriced sub par food at best. Should have been 30% cheaper based on the quality and presentation. I would not recommend or go there again.

  3. We went here on 8/12 for an early dinner. Had gone to Ten Clams every year for past 5 years. What a disappointment!!! You have to read the board to order from, then go to the register and place your order. So there is no wait service..which for the prices they now charge, it should have. It cost us DOUBLE of what Ten Clams used to be and everything was a la carte to top it off. An embarrassing grilled cheese sandwich for my son, that I could’ve cooked on the sidewalk cost $4 and came with nothing!!! Food was nothing to brag about, neither was my bill.

    We will NOT be going back here. Mango’s Pizza here we come!!!!

  4. Went to “catch this’ and it was terrible, from the quality of the food to the plastic and paper you are served in, they “updated” the place and its really bad, I won’t go back. Sad part is these are the same owners as Ten Clams so their is no need of it.

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