Welcome to Mystic, Connecticut!
Adventure Mystic

Mystic River Park

The Mystic River Park sits just southeast of the Bascule Bridge and has a green and boardwalk for sitting and fishing. Concerts in the park are scheduled in the summer.

Mystic River Park Info

Cottrell Street, Mystic, CT

  1. May

    6 February

    Wow, that looks beautiful.

    • Marie Tyler Wiley

      16 June

      Trust me…it is beautiful 🙂 A great way to spend a day! 🙂

  2. Kate

    18 July

    Mystic River Park is a lovely spot. Watch the boats go by and see the drawbridge go up. Live concerts on Monday and Tuesday nights in the summertime; bring chairs or a blanket to sit on, picnic, and wear your dancing shoes! Plenty of near by shops and restaurants. Parking is tight during the tourist season.

  3. Katie Niel

    12 October

    I like to think I’m a responsible dog owner. We visit the park at least twice a week. Thank you for the Mutt Mitts…we use them. But I have one complaint and a suggestion stemming from that. Apparently, some dog owners do not pick up the Poo…especially ON THE GREEN. The green is used for many activities involving families with children…who roll around on the grass. Anyone who brings a blanket, may also pick up bacteria, etc. from the poo. Not to mention on the soles of shoes/sandals. The grass mowers just scatter it out further. OK. Suggestion: BAN ALL DOGS FROM THE GREEN. Keep it clean.

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