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Mystic is Nuts for Young Buns Doughnuts

above photo by Young Buns Doughnuts

Welcoming signs hang on the pale sage building at the corner of 46 West Main Street and Pearl St in Downtown Mystic. with a line of people around it. Young Buns Doughnuts (YBD) is open! As happy people exit with full hands I ask, “What did you get?” Rachel owns Knead Doughnuts in Providence, RI. Her toddler daughter likes sprinkles but her son likes fruit flavors and chose a monthly special Red, White and Berry reminiscent of berry shortcake. The family was excited to try some of the basic flavors from Mystic’s newest doughnut shop.

In the morning before other shops are open, downtown parking is a breeze and there is a joyful sense of anticipation among the foodies as the energetic staff keeps everyone cheerfully moving. Kerri from Windsor Locks, CT follows Adam on Food Network and Sift Bakeshop on social media and says, “I’ll travel for good food.” Other folks came from Norwich, East Lyme, and North Stonington but some live even closer.

Today is moving day for John who leaves a home within walking distance of downtown Mystic for Washington, DC. A longtime fan of Bartleby’s Coffee Shop which was in this spot until the owner retired, John had one stamp left to fill on his “Buy 10; Get One Free” Bartleby’s customer card. John was grateful YBD opened just in time for to have the manager sign his card and to exit with a Peach Rum Jelly doughnut.

The standard 9 doughnuts – photo by YBD

One of the first customers was Lauren Griska who says, “I went for the basics for my first doughnut run. My husband and I tried an old fashioned, a glazed, and, per the recommendation of a Sift staff member, a Buttercrunch. The Buttercrunch doughnut was just incredible and absolutely my pick of the three, while my husband voted for the old fashioned.”

LaShawn Kinsman of Mystic shared, “Got a sneak peek of @youngbuns_doughnuts! It’s absolutely amazing!! Super delish! The doughnuts are hefty in weight and perfectly glazed. I couldn’t stop eating the Piña Colada and the girls had a great time trying all the other flavors including S’mores.”

Why are otherwise sensible people going nuts for doughnuts that involve travelling and standing in line? Doughnuts are a popular and affordable indulgence. Adam Young attracted fame by winning the “Best Baker in America” title on Food Network and expanding his French-inspired pastry shop, SIFT. When this retail space became available, the idea for a classic doughnut shop quickly took shape. The SIFT fan base has been excited about this for months and both Adam and Ebbie are incredibly grateful for the tremendous support from the community.

S’mores doughnuts – photo by YBD

Each doughnut is hefty with premium flavors rather than cloying sweetness. I shared six classic flavors with my husband and other contractors at a nearby home. Top choices for the experts: Triple Chocolate (fudgy), Blueberry (vibrant flavor), Peach Rum filled Jelly, Young Bun (vanilla buttercrunch), Sprinkles (light texture), and Glazed. I’ll be back soon for Mystic Cream, Piña Colada, S’mores, and Key Lime or maybe the Cinnamon Sugar Brioche and Old Fashioned.

Young Buns Doughnuts at 46 W Main St. – photo by Lauren Griska

photo by Elizabeth Saede

Doughnut prices vary up to $3.75 (for specialty) and a 12 oz. coffee is $1.95. Teas, hot or iced coffees, hot or iced chai, fresh OJ, fresh lemonade, Espresso, lattes, Pellegrino, spring water, milk, chocolate milk, and handmade hot chocolate are available. Cooler weather will heat up hot drink sales.

Head pastry chef, Brenda Maerkle – photo by YBD

Head pastry chef, Brenda Maerkle, and her band of merry bakers initiate the magic at 3am with a second round just before the 7am opening. The store is closed Tuesday but open the other 6 days until they run out of fresh doughnuts (or 3pm at the latest) but you may call ahead to reserve your favorites: 860-415-8372. Follow Young Buns_Doughnuts on Instagram and Facebook for up-to-date changes or visit

Elizabeth Saede is a local author of Lobster Summer. She is also the author of’s “On the Water” column. Elizabeth can be reached by email at Sunshine06378[at]

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  1. Sweets for the sweet??? Some of the flavors for these donuts are amazing. I’m sure the Young Buns are worth the trip and the price. And, standing in line for something that yummy is not a problem. Wishing total success to Young Buns Donuts. Sounds as if it’s happening.

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