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Mystic Seafarer’s Trail: Self-Guided Tour

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Mystic Seafarer’s Trail: Self-Guided Tour

See everything Mystic, Noank and Stonington Borough have to offer by following the Mystic Seafarer’s Trail, an adventurous, self-guided tour composed by local author, Lisa Saunders. This detailed map points out all the area’s important spots, some well known and many not, while mentioning historical facts along the way. Did you know Amelia Earhart married in Noank?! Find the church where she tied the knot and many more interesting places while following the Mystic Seafarer’s Trail!

The map provides the path to the “7 Wonders of Mystic” plus places to grab a bite, bike, boat ride or kayak. Sites you will trek past include:

  • Mystic Pizza, the restaurant that inspired the movie starring Julia Roberts
  • Mystic drawbridge
  • Railroad Swing Bridge
  • Captain’s Row
  • Haunted Daniel Packer Inne
  • Mystic Seaport
  • Mystic Aquarium
  • Olde Mistick Village

Many of these attractions are located within walking distance of Amtrak and Peter Pan bus stops, which are featured on the map.

Based on the book, “Mystic Seafarer’s Trail”, by Lisa Saunders.

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