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“Weird & Wonderful” at Mystic Aqu...

“Weird & Wonderful” at Mystic Aquarium

Weird and Wonderful exhibit at Mystic Aquarium


Mystic Aquarium‘s newest exhibit, “Weird & Wonderful”, showcases some pretty fascinating creatures. Take some time in this 1,000+ sq. ft. exhibit to learn about these amazing animals. Touch screen displays offer an interactive educational experience. And don’t breeze by any tank too fast or you’ll be sure to miss seeing something you’ve never seen before! Some of these animals are relatively GIANT while some are small, hiding, or well-camouflaged and will require a good eye.

Here’s a glimpse at some wacky and incredible animals at this must-see exhibit!

garden eel

Garden eels live in burrows lined with their own slime. They sway like a blade of seagrass and retreat when predators approach.


While this one wasn’t demonstrating it, the frogfish is an expert in camouflage.

giant clam

a GIANT (and beautiful) clam

The giant isopod can eat until it is so full it cannot move and then it may not eat again for years!

Japanese spider crab

These guys are impossible to miss. The giant Japanese spider crab can grow up to 13 feet across from claw to claw!

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