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Pilot Episode of “Mystic” – A Mu...

Pilot Episode of “Mystic” – A Murder Mystery Series

A screening for Mystic (written and directed by Victor Franco, produced by John Logan) was held at Jealous Monk on May 28, where viewers were entertained with a 26 minute pilot episode of the murder mystery series set in Mystic, Connecticut. This pilot leaves us hanging, wanting to dive deeper into the characters and the mystery that involves them all.

“In Mystic, Everyone is a Suspect”

A tragic, mysterious death of Irish local Bridget Ashling has consumed the small town Mystic where “everyone knows everyone”. We’re introduced to a cast of compelling characters all involved in some way, many suspicious and holding secrets. Tension runs high. The one who seems to know the most is the victim’s daughter, Aidan, who was at the scene of the crime, but has been left traumatized from the incident and not speaking. We’re left wondering how such unique individuals are connected to the murder and to each other, and ultimately who killed Bridget Ashling?

Recognizable Mystic locations filmed in the episode include Angie’s (set up as a coffee shop and Irish pub), the Mystic Train Station/Mystic Depot Roasters, St. Mark’s, and the drawbridge.

This is a funding pilot as Mystic is looking to be greenlit for an online series of all 30 episodes. They are currently searching for a actors to attach themselves to the production.

Meet the Characters of Mystic and follow the project’s progress on facebook

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